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bet365 bet365
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Free Bets As you can see above, all Betting websites tempt you to join them with a free bet offer.
A typical example is when you bet £20 with them,  they give you a £20 free bet whether
you win or lose.  This is great if you win with your original bet or the following free bet
but what if there was a way to turn the free bet into real cash.  You'd have £20 for free.
Real Cash
Number 1 To do this we are going to follow a  2 step process.  Step 1 is to qualify for the  free bet
and then step 2 is to turn the free bet into real cash. This is done by using two different
websites so we can place opposite bets. On the free bet offer site we will BACK a team
to win and on the other site we will do the opposite and LAY bet on the team not to win.
Number 2
Betfair Lay betting can only be done on a betting exchange website of which there are several
you can use.  By placing the opposing bet at the two websites you will win on one and
lose on the other to break even. Having qualified for your free bet you can do the same
again using the two websites. Again you break even but now the free cash is real cash.
Free Bets Now before you go off to start getting all those free bets there are a few points to note.
You will lose some of the free bet because exchange websites take a small percentage
and there will be a small difference between the BACK and LAY bets but what is left is
yours.Now see our more detailed guide below which helps with working out your bets.
Real Cash