What is on the database & what can I search for?

We've maintained data on all the English Premier League games over the last ten years.

It contains all the results and all the goals scored. Our site allows you to search that data in the way you want it.
Quick start, how do I do my first search?

Let's do a simple search. In the section with the team names, tick the box to the left of Man Utd then tick the box to the right of Everton.

This is requesting all the games where Man Utd played at home against Everton. Now click the green search button.
What is the summary and the match list showing me?

There are two parts to the results. The summary table shows a very compact overview of all the games that match your search criteria.

Below, the list table shows each game. Initially only a maximum of ten are shown. The search page has an option to change this.
What do all the headings mean?

There are 4 main rows. Sum is the total matches found which is then converted into a percentage, a fractional odd and decimal odd.

After the home, draws & away results we have Both Teams to Score yes/no. Home & away clean sheets, home & away to score and finally goals scored under/over 2.5
What is the Score & Rank grid?

To read the score grid take the left side value as the home score and the row across the top as the away score. The grid shows a frequency of the score lines.

We use our own rankings as a way of putting similar teams into groups. So you could see that a lot of B v B games end as a draw.
Can you show a more complex example of a search request?

Let's say we want to see Arsenal's home and away record in games that ended under 2.5 in the last 2 seasons.

Just tick Season 14/15 & 13/14. Tick Arsenal (H) & (A) boxes and finally in the Total goals section under the All column, tick 0, 1 & 2
Can I use it for in play games?

Yes, if Utd went 1 - 0 against City in the 38th minute you could tick Man Utd (H), Man City (A) & then select 1 - 0 in the Anytime column and 36 - 40 in the Minute column.

For more data add Rank to include similar games. Select the Home & Away ranks that are shown next to their team name.
What final tips can you give?

Everything is included until you tick a box. At which point you start filtering what you want to see.

The colours highlight high (Yellow) or low (Blue) percentages and may be worth more attention.

Any feedback on our search tool is very welcome.